17.09.2016 Lauri Hyvärinen
Die Tür öffnet um 20:30 – Konzert fangt um 21:00 an

Foto: Dawid Laskowski

lauri hyvärinen
is self taught
guitar & objects
are sound sources
are non-********
(as theory, paradox, possibility),

has played in some venues
& festivals
in different parts of the world

still plays


22.01.2017 – 20:00 – Mia Dyberg Trio + S. Branche Solo

Mia Dyberg Trio plays freejazz inspired by the swing and poetry of the readings of William S. Burroughs. Emerging from cut ups, pulse and the silver smoke of dreams.

Mia Dyberg altosaxophone, objects, composition
Asger Thomsen double bass
Dag Magnus Narvesen drums

Album: https://miadyberg.bandcamp.com/album/pulse

Pulse! (2016) is a live album recorded at the trio’s debut concert in Berlin. All compositions written by Mia Dyberg except Party ist Vorbei by Asger Thomsen and the transitions Cooconing and Joy! which are improvised by the trio.

Website: http://www.miadyberg.com/mia-dyberg-trio/

Your host, Sébastien Branche will also play a short solo set to open the season at the Galerie M89!

Mia Dyberg Trio_Pressphoto

04.02.2017 – 20:00 – Sr Charli

Sr.Charli is the alter ego of Carlos Pedrón, visual artist, multi instrumentalist and composer, as well as part time learning by working as a piano maker. His performance are based on acoustic and electronic sounds. Live piano improvisation, eclectic electronic sound, experimental hand made animation film, a performances full of surrealism which offers the audience an atmosphere of reflection and especially, a great sense of freedom.



18.02.2017 – Release Party mit Sébastien Branche – 18:30

pnoladeu Folder insub46_2w

I have 3 new albums releases, 2 as CDs and 1 as digital download. I am happy to share the good news with you around a concert, a jam and some wine and food! Free entrance, donations welcomed.

– Doors at 18:30
– Concert at 20:00
– Free Improv Jam at 21:30
– End at 23:00

Przemek_J_Jarosz (17)

Sébastien plays soprano, tenor and C-melody saxophones. He got started with improvisation through workshops with musicians coming from contemporary jazz or improvised music.

Interested in perceptive phenomenons, he works mainly with sound as a material, describing himself as a “sound crafter” for an audience to listen to. His interests also extend to body and space, as he regularly confronts his practice to contemporary dance.

He has played around Europe in various venues and festivals, for concerts, dance performances or soundwalks and is based in Leipzig, Germany.


04.03.2017 – 19:00 Konzert
Harey & Koen

Kevin und Max stammen aus demselben provinziellen Jammertal, haben den Großteil ihrer Jugend aneinander vorbeigelebt und finden sich nun in regelmäßigen Abständen in Dresden und Leipzig, um Musik entstehen zu lassen oder Kitsch und Okkultismus zu frönen. Der Umstand, dass beide kein fertiges Livekonzept haben, sondern nach Neuem wühlen, lässt das Konzert zu einer Reise für Publikum und Musiker werden. Die Musik wabert, brummt, baut sich auf und stürzt wieder zusammen. Töne ruhen, finden sich, krachen ineinander oder rennen voreinander weg.

Kevin Koen (Gitarre, Effekte)
Harey (Tasten, Effekte)

05.03.2017 – 20:00
Saxophone Solo mit Henrik Pultz Melbye

Henrik Pultz Melbye – saxophone/clarinet player / improviser / composer

Since graduating from the Academy of Music and moving to Copenhagen in 2011 Henrik has been extremely active on the experimental and improvised music scene.
He has toured most of Europe and released four albums with the collective avantgarderock quartet SVIN, while also releasing a critically acclaimed album with his own band Henrik Pultz Melbye Trio, that got a nomination for a Danish Music Award in 2016.

In february 2017 he will release a cassette tape on the Copenhagen based label and record store, Insula Music, with recordings of solo saxophone done in rooms of different sizes and with different acoustics. The music is improvised on the spot and is part of an ongoing personal exploration of non-idiomatic saxophone sounds and techniques.

Henrik Pultz Melbye has collaborated and played with people like Kresten Osgood, Kasper Tranberg, Adam Rudolph, Jesper Zeuthen, Jacob Anderskov, Devin Gray, Jeppe Zeeberg a.o.



21.03.2017 – 20:00 Konzert
Surfaces Rotatives mit Pascal Battus

Pascal et le dormeur

As a soundartist, improviser, composer, Pascal Battus has developed a sound praxis which is giving more focus to the sonic gestures and the situation which makes them happen, rather than to a specific instrument: guitar pickups (that is guitar microphones without the guitar), rotative surfaces, „environmented“ guitar (electric guitar laid on a table + contact microphone + objects+ electronics), percussion (amplified or not)…

He played in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Middle-East, Australia… in solo sets or, more frequently, with other musicians. He works regularly with dancers, performers and visual artists (video, light, sculpture…). He also draws and has invented soundmassage.

His work is being played on radio (France Musique, Radio Libertaire, Résonance FM, ABC…). His albums are published by Potlatch, Corpus Hermeticum, Amor Fati, Another Timbre, Cathnor, Organized Music From Thessaloniki, Herbal International…


25.03.2017 – Achtung: cancelled
Saxophone Solo mit Tobias Meier


The concert is unfortunately canceled due to unforeseen reasons. Sorry 🙁

26.03.2017 – JapanTeeHaus Nr. 3
Mit Sébastien und Gumbo

JapanTeeHaus_Final_Poster nr 3-page-001

Ein Blick in die Japanische Kultur mit Sébastien und Gumbo.

Wir bieten euch:
Kaiseki, eine Auswahl von kleinen authentisch-japanischen Gerichten
Sencha, die Seele japanischen Tees
Shiatsu, eine Heilkunst der traditionellen Medizin

Wir freuen uns auf eurer Besuch.
Domo Arigato 🙂


A glimpse in Japanese Culture with Sébastien and Gumbo.

We offer you:
Kaiseki, an array of small and authentic Japanese dishes
Sencha, the soul of Japanese tea
Shiatsu, an art of healing touch from the traditional medicine

We look forward to your visit.
Come say hi and spread the word!
Domo Arigato 🙂


Un regard sur la culture Japonaise avec Sébastien et Gumbo.

Nous vous proposons:
Kaiseki, une suite de plats typiquement japonais servis en petites quantités
Sencha, l’âme du thé japonais
Shiatsu, un art de guérison par le toucher, issu de la médecine traditionnelle

Nous nous réjouissons de votre visite.
N’hésitez pas à venir nous dire bonjour et faites circuler autour de vous.
Domo Arigato 🙂

29.04.2017 – 20:00 Soli Konzert
Lignes with Sébastien Branche
ATTENTION: new location -> JHL

Photos by Sam Sakile, Yuichirou Yamanashi and Diane Martinot
Küche für Alle from 20:00
Concert with Sébastien Branche: Saxophone Solo „Lignes“ – 21:30

Experiment and Improvisation with Adrian(sax), Malkos(beats), zigi(rap), Christof san( Guitar), Hiro(flute, key) – 23:00



Lignes is my solo work, sedimentation lines based on my experiences and projects over the past few years: how I became the musician that i am through collaborations, either long-term ones or one-time meetings.
… Lines and points.

It’s my horizon line also, as I am adding light electronics, with ideas to extend it in the coming years.
… Electrical lines.

The saxophone is set on a stand for freedom of movement. Paradoxically, it is a way of bringing it down from the high perch where tradition has put it. The instrument becomes a resonant body, not only a saxophone but also a percussion instrument, or an object that is rubbed, scratched, banged upon. It also becomes a filter for the breathing (as Stéphane Rives describes his soprano), or an acoustic filter for the synthetic sounds played inside its body – turning upside down the usual setting of electroacoustic music as here, it is the instrument that picks up and transforms the sounds provided by the computer.
… Lines of flight.


27.05.2017 – 20:30 Konzert + Performanz
Konzert mit die Teilnehmern des ImprovWorkshops
Performanz mit Josef Ka und Sébastien Branche

Workshoppers: Tom, Timur, Radu, …


Josef Ka, russian performance artist, https://eskargoeskargo.wordpress.com/

Sébastien Branche, French saxophonist, www.sbranche.com

02-04.06.2017 – Sommerfest in M89

Program sichtbar in dem NuR

17-06.2017 – 20:30 Antez Solo

My Continuums are pieces of music for rubbed percussion. They are characterized by the acoustic emission of sounds.
At first I used cymbals, but I quickly started looking for any kind of objects, often found objects of different compositions; which after a few transformations, allowed me to continue to develop this sound material and motion work.

My Continuums have unusual sonic textures, they escape traditional percussion registers. They test the limits of our perception: from infra to ultrasonic, by playing phase shifts. They insert themselves into the intimacy of sound matter, through micro sounds, and we are presented with an audio saturation by noise density.

The flow of these sounds evokes restraint and excess, immersion and timelessness.


22.-25.06.2017 – Ausstellung mit Diane Martinot & Sébastien Branche


*** English below ***

Vernissage am 22.06 ab 19 Uhr + Saxofon Solo um 20 (Pünktlich)
Ausstellung 23.-25.06 ab 17 Uhr

Wir arbeiten zusammen seit Dezember 2016. Inspiriert von unseren bisherigen Arbeiten suchen wir neue Kombinationen zwischen Klang und Licht.
Wir präsentieren hier zwei Werke, die aus diesem Prozess hervorgingen.
Das erste Werk ist eine Serie aus Fotografien von Magnetbahnen aus Kassetten – metaphorisch eine Mischung aus Klang und Bild. Die Bildaufnahme und die Entwicklung sind durch den Klang inspiriert.
Das andere Kunstwerk ist eine Installation aus einem alten Kühlschrank. Wir haben visuelle und akustische Eindrücke kombiniert, um den Betrachter auf einen neuen Blickwinkel und ein anderes Hören von sonst gewöhnlichen Objekten des Alltags einzuladen.
Sébastien Branche und Diane Martinot

Instagram : @brancheundmartinot


Vernissage: 22.06 from 19:00 + Saxophone Solo at 20:00 (sharp)
Opening times: 23.-25.06 from 17:00

From December 2016, we have been working on finding new ways to combine sound and light, drawing inspiration from our respective works. For this exhibition, we are presenting two pieces coming from our experiments.
The first one is built around photos from a cassette tape – already a metaphor of the mix between audio and visuals – photos which are influenced by sound both in the taking and developing, thanks to techniques that we developped ourselves.
The second piece is an installation built around a fridge, twisted both visually and sonically, inviting to give a new ear and a new look at a mundane and sometimes annoying object part of our daily life.
Sébastien Branche und Diane Martinot

Instagram : @brancheundmartinot

 Affiche Phontogramme3 Juin2017


05. 08. 2017 – 21:00 (sharp!)
C.I.A. Débutante (Paris, France) Live M89

C.I.A. Débutante is an experimental musical duo from Paris, France,
founded by Paul Bonnet and Nathan Roche. „A deranged mixture of The
Shadow Ring and Cabaret Voltaire, delivering beats, intergalactic
adventures from the paranoid eye-in-the-sky to citizens of the world.“

A collaboration of Nathan Roche, an Australian musician having released
over 20 albums under various guises and record labels (solo, Marf Loth,
Camperdown & Out, Nathan Roche & The Wentworth Avenue Breeze-Out, Le
Villejuif Underground, etc) and has played along side such varied
artists as Tav Falco’s Panther Burns, The Rebel, Dan Melchior, King
Khan & The Shrines, and completed tours all over the world (including
Goner Fest in Memphis, United States and The Strawberry Festival in
Beijing/Shanghai and Wuhan, China), and Paul Bonnet, a French painter
with an extensive collection of vintage electronics and fine taste.
They have self-released a cassette, a CD-R on Chemical Imbalance
Records, Tanzprocez, Tandem Tapes and soon to be released cassettes on
Royal Sperm and OTHER SOURCES…

C.I.A Debutante:

9-07.2017 – 15:00 Sonic Meditations with Artur Vidal

Artur is a member of the study group in London and will offer one session. Arrive 15mins early as we will probably leave the space for the session.

About the study group:

Gathering fortnightly since May 2015, The Study Group is a workshop space dedicated to performing artist Pauline Oliveros‘ Sonic Meditations: 25 recipes for making sonic experiences that are accessible to people from all ages, with and without musical training.

The workshop generally takes place in London but has occasionally travelled to Madrid, Porto, Margate and St Petersburg. The group are always open to new members and have recently begun to produce their own pieces.


11-07.2017 – 20:30 Sindre Bjerga

Sindre Bjerga is one of Norway’s most active experimentalists. Always aiming for that mind-altering head trip, Bjerga has been performing in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Argentina and South Korea for many years. His incredible long form isolationist and cavernous tape-drone meditation have been released across the underground spectrum. He’s collaborated with many artists, like Anla Courtis, Lasse Marhaug, Robert Horton, Culver, Posset and Adam Bohman. Lately he has been focusing more on collage work and performative elements, using tapes, re-wired toys, contact microphones, as well as snipptes from ordinary conversations and sounds from the everyday life in his concerts.


15-07.2017 – 20:30 John Andrew Wilhite

John Andrew Wilhite is an American double bassist and composer based in Oslo, Norway. John Andrew specializes in contemporary contrabass techniques, such as those developed by Stefano Scodanibbio, and works with artists across North America and Europe including Elliott Sharp, Derek Baron, Ståle Liavik Solberg, and Brad Henkel.


14.02.2018 – 20:00 Tim Gowdy

About the performance:
T. Gowdy is an audio visual artist currently based in
montreal. featuring an all-analog a/v performance
using live acoustic and video feedback to
deconstruct the idiosyncrasies of the space by
blurring the roles of composition, environment and


15.03.2018 – 20:30 dno

Income tax refund & M89

..dno< [EAI/warm drones | St. Petersburg/Melbourne] Poverty Electronics/Linear Obsessional Recordings

..dno< is Denis Sorokin and Sergei Tumanov experimenting with guitars, self-built instruments, radios and other objects. Though only using a rather minimal setup, their electroacoustic improvisations result in noise walls, soundscapes and drone floors thick and deep. https://duodno.bandcamp.com/

16.04.2018 – 20:00 Miman

Miman is an improvising trio consisting of fiddler Hans Kjorstad, guitarist and clarinetist Andreas Røysum and bassist Egil Kalman; three of the most distinct and active young voices on the thriving Scandinavian improv scene. You might have heard them in collaboration with people like Tobias Delius, Tristan Honsinger, Axel Dörner, Frode Haltli, Håkon Thelin, Jasper Stadhouders, Henrik Nørstebø, Adrian Myhr, Frode Gjerstad, Christian Wallumrød and Rhys Chatham, or in a plentitude of bands covering the spectrum from folk music to noise. As a trio their sound is shaped by their diverse backgrounds and influences; Norwegian, English and Indian folk music blends seamlessly with sentiments aching to free jazz and contemporary music in an organic fashion that steers clear of the dogmatic.

The trio has toured all over Europe the last year, and in early 2018 they will both release their debut album and keep spreading their sound across the continent.



09.05.2018 – 21:00 The New Solarism

The New Solarism ist das neue Soloprojekt von Izabela Kałduńska. Die in Gdańsk geborene Geigerin verbindet mithilfe der Loopstation die gewönlichen Klänge der Violine mit derer düsteren Schattenwelt. Das Programm das am kommenden Mittwoch das erste mal überhaupt präsentiert wird trägt den Titel ‚Studies of myself‘ und lässt die Zuhörer die innersten Wege der Musikerin mitempfinden.

Dieses Konzert ist auch eine Einladung, zum träumen und entspannen. Bringt ihr gerne eine Kisse, Yoga Matte oder so was zu liegen.



03.10.2018 – 21:00 Wolkokrots

Miguel Garcia (Bilbao) & Ilia Belorukov (St Petersburg)

Miguel A. Garcia and Ilia Belorukov met in 2013 in Saint-Petersburg at a recording session. After some time they started to work as a duo. Their first album „Wolkokrot“ was released by the hungarian label Inexhaustible Editions in 2015. It was a studio work with various electronics, sound samples and field recordings as blurred reflections of memories. Next studio work called „Don Treppenwitz“ released on Dinzu Artefacts from USA in 2018 and contains developing of their work with voice samples, field recordings, synthesizers and small electronics. As a live unit Miguel and Ilia plays using improvised contexts and working with sounds from fluteophone, electronic devices and objects. First tour of the duo happened in December 2016 in Switzerland and France. They did some collaborations and recordings on that tour. One of sessions is meeting with Strøm, electronic duo of Gaudenz Badrutt & Christian Müller, which was released as split album „Cryptcionsion“ in Poland by VA Tapes. Another one is quartet with Jason Kahn on drums & Frantz Loriot on viola. Their album „Invanskrue“ was released on russian label called Intonema. Ilia and Miguel continued their work when Ilia visited Spain in July 2017. They played concert in Barcelona and spent almost two weeks in Miguel’s studio in Bilbao.