Lust mit Klangen zu improvisieren?

Improv. Workshop @ M89
The workshop is open to all who want to discover, learn, practice collective improvisation in the context of experimental music. All instruments are invited. All levels or degree of experience with improvisation are welcomed. Feel free to join!

The workshop will be hosted by Sébastien Branche, French saxophone player living in Leipzig (more about Sébastien on his website: There will be, from time to time, guest teachers, either in addition to Sébastien or completely taking over .

A session will usually start with some warming-up, both for the ears and the instruments, followed by some exercises, or rather playing situations, underlining one or several aspects of the practice, and will end with some free collective improvisations involving part or all of the participants. Duration of one session will be 2 to 3 hours, including breaks.

Pricing is set on free donations, with a suggestion of 5-15 euros. The workshop is given in German, but English (or French!) translation is possible!

Please, register in advance on the table below to make it easier to organize.

Please note that price, date, organisation are all subject to change, come often to the website to check for updates.

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Write yourself down if the following table. When less than 2 people are registered, the workshop will not take place.
You can also write yourself down anonymously if you wish.