29.04.2017 – 20:00 Soli Konzert
Lignes with Sébastien Branche
ATTENTION: new location -> JHL

Photos by Sam Sakile, Yuichirou Yamanashi and Diane Martinot
Küche für Alle from 20:00
Concert with Sébastien Branche: Saxophone Solo „Lignes“ – 21:30

Experiment and Improvisation with Adrian(sax), Malkos(beats), zigi(rap), Christof san( Guitar), Hiro(flute, key) – 23:00



Lignes is my solo work, sedimentation lines based on my experiences and projects over the past few years: how I became the musician that i am through collaborations, either long-term ones or one-time meetings.
… Lines and points.

It’s my horizon line also, as I am adding light electronics, with ideas to extend it in the coming years.
… Electrical lines.

The saxophone is set on a stand for freedom of movement. Paradoxically, it is a way of bringing it down from the high perch where tradition has put it. The instrument becomes a resonant body, not only a saxophone but also a percussion instrument, or an object that is rubbed, scratched, banged upon. It also becomes a filter for the breathing (as Stéphane Rives describes his soprano), or an acoustic filter for the synthetic sounds played inside its body – turning upside down the usual setting of electroacoustic music as here, it is the instrument that picks up and transforms the sounds provided by the computer.
… Lines of flight.


27.05.2017 – 20:30 Konzert + Performanz
Konzert mit die Teilnehmern des ImprovWorkshops
Performanz mit Josef Ka und Sébastien Branche

Workshoppers: Tom, Timur, Radu, …

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Josef Ka, russian performance artist, https://eskargoeskargo.wordpress.com/

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Sébastien Branche, French saxophonist, www.sbranche.com

02-04.06.2017 – Sommerfest in M89

Program sichtbar in dem NuR