9-07.2017 – 15:00 Sonic Meditations with Artur Vidal

Artur is a member of the study group in London and will offer one session. Arrive 15mins early as we will probably leave the space for the session.

About the study group:

Gathering fortnightly since May 2015, The Study Group is a workshop space dedicated to performing artist Pauline Oliveros‘ Sonic Meditations: 25 recipes for making sonic experiences that are accessible to people from all ages, with and without musical training.

The workshop generally takes place in London but has occasionally travelled to Madrid, Porto, Margate and St Petersburg. The group are always open to new members and have recently begun to produce their own pieces.


11-07.2017 – 20:30 Sindre Bjerga

Sindre Bjerga is one of Norway’s most active experimentalists. Always aiming for that mind-altering head trip, Bjerga has been performing in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Argentina and South Korea for many years. His incredible long form isolationist and cavernous tape-drone meditation have been released across the underground spectrum. He’s collaborated with many artists, like Anla Courtis, Lasse Marhaug, Robert Horton, Culver, Posset and Adam Bohman. Lately he has been focusing more on collage work and performative elements, using tapes, re-wired toys, contact microphones, as well as snipptes from ordinary conversations and sounds from the everyday life in his concerts.


15-07.2017 – 20:30 John Andrew Wilhite

John Andrew Wilhite is an American double bassist and composer based in Oslo, Norway. John Andrew specializes in contemporary contrabass techniques, such as those developed by Stefano Scodanibbio, and works with artists across North America and Europe including Elliott Sharp, Derek Baron, Ståle Liavik Solberg, and Brad Henkel.